November 9, 2014 DJ Flite

Show Delhi 2 Dublin some love

With lots of highs, sometimes, there are lows.  While doing a great concert in Oakland California, Delhi 2 Dublin had some bad luck.

After the concert they went back to their hotel for some much needed rest, only to be woken up at 5AM by the police.  They were informed that a number of cars were broken in to during their, and their van was also hit.  About $15,000 worth of equipment was stolen.  There are still some dates left in this leg of the tour and a new tour in Australia which they leave for on Xmas Eve.  Talk about rotten timing.

To replace their stolen gear, they’ve gone on to Indigogo, a crowd sourcing website, to try and raise some money to replace their gear. It’s already reached the front page of Indigogo due to it’s popularity.

Although the sentimental value of some of the equipment can’t be replaced, at least they can get enough money together to keep the tours going and bringing joy to the rest of their fans all over the world.

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